Bruinsma starter package

• 15 hours
• 1 practical exam
• For only €897!

Free driving test in Utrecht

During the free driving test you will drive with one of our instructors and he will evaluate how quickly you pick up on things such as the control of the vehicle, how you react in certain situations and how you evaluate the information that is given.
After the test the instructor will give you an advice on how many lessons he thinks you approximately need to take, what course is best for you and last but not least, what it will more or less cost.
The driving test starts at our driving school in the football stadium (Galgenwaard). For the regular lessons we can pick you up and drop you off where ever you’d like as long as it is in the area of Utrecht or the near towns. The lessons can also take place during the evenings and the weekends.

Register for a free driving test!

Register here and see when we are available to do the free driving test.

License warranty

Driving lessons with exam warranty

  • Free driving test
  • Unlimited simulation lessons
  • Unlimited practical driving lessons
  • Our unique class room sessions
  • Tussentijdse Toets (mid term test)
  • Maximum of 5 practical exams for only €2795,-

Whether you qualify depends on your first driving test.
Register for a free driving test.

Theory with exam warranty platinum

  • Theory book
  • Book about hazard recognition
  • 1-day theory training incl. exam training
  • Lunch
  • Official CBR theory exam
  • Maximum of 4 1-day theory training + exams* for only: €175,-

* When you don’t pass your theory exam it is mandatory to follow a new day of training. Maximum of 5 training days.

Get your driving license in light speed for only €1750!

If you’d like to get your driving license in a limited time that this course is the best option for you. You can choose to get your license in 10 days, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks. This all depends on the number of lessons that you’d like to take and the time that you are available for the lessons. With this course you obviously drive multiple hours per week.
You also have exam warranty with this course. That means that when you fail your first exam, you get the second exam completely free!
Our speed courses range from A1 (26 hours) to A6 (47 hours). Which speed course is suited for you depends on your results from the free driving test.

  • Get your license in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks
  • Lessons in blocks of 2 hours
  • Exam warranty
  • Tussentijdse Toets (mid term test)
  • 16 lessons on the driving simulator
  • 6 hours of class room lessons
  • Lessons take place between 07.00 and 18.00 o’clock
  • Before you start you already know when your Tussentijdse Toets and your practical exam will take place
  • You always start with a free driving test

Driving lesson rates

Starter package € 897
15 hours + practical exam
Starter package with simulator € 948
23 hours + practical exam
Speedcourse with exam warranty €1750
42 hours, TTT, exam, exam warranty

License warranty

Platina € 175
Expansion with theory warranty
License warranty €2795
Buy your license

One time costs

CBR medical evaluation €39,50
BOVAG Garantiefonds €7,50
BOVAG Garantiefonds

Rates on their own

Theory training €75
1-day theory training
Theory exam €41,25

Theory exam

  • Exam, reservation
Extended theory exam €51,55
15 minutes extra time
Individual theory exam €97,45
1 on 1 exam
TTT €175
Tussentijdse Toets (mid term test)
CBR Exam €257,50
Without extra cost
Driving lesson €48
Driving lessen (manual) 60 minutes
10 lessons package €470
10 x 60 minutes
Driving lesson (automatic) €49
Driving lessen automatic 60 minutes